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We welcome everyone to . Our aim is to provide real learning experience in easy way of most difficult topics in the world. True Learning is in the form of guides, tutorials, articles, contents, videos, books, notes, lectures, Questions and Answers, list, resources and random discussion on following categories which include thousands of topics.




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Initially we divided the ‘True Learning’ in twelve categories which has many sub-categories. We include almost all areas of subject taught at universities and professional institutes.

Technical subject become difficult to learn for most of the student and normal people who want to know the subject in details at depth level. provides the secrets behind the subject and thing.

‘True Learning’ is based on problem based learning (PBL).

You can use the contents and tutorials of this website for any legal purpose in studying, jobs and professions or for making money.

All the content and tutorials are chronicled at very depth level. Authors tried to put their effort covering the whole phenomenon of topic. Nothing remains secret behind the things, event, and cause after learning a great piece of tutorials.

No One have enough time to learn all the things. Many of us are always curious to know the reasons behind the particular event and task but we can not look into the complete analysis of subject. If we take the step to learn, some problem arises in any way it can be- time, resources available for learning, difficult to learn, difficult to understand and the most important we do not enjoy in learning.

Enjoy deep level learning makes your mind works faster and faster. (Signals collected from what we read, what we listen, what we see and from in which we involve – strength of the signals is proportional to time, more time given to particular task the more strong the signal, strong and all type of signals produces some voltage which activate the blocked neurons of our mind, Signals collect the data which is stored in memory drive of our mind. We forget weak signals, remember strong signals, some signals remains for life time.)

The cause of creation of this program, project and mission is we all can learn much more in optimize time.

Some of the question you need to learn –

How the universe is created?

How the things created?

What is the science and technology behind it?

How we can create new things?

What is the ultimate limit of knowledge of any subject?

How much potential we have to learn?

How much money we can make using our knowledge?

What important factors are going around us?

How we can control them?

How we control ourselves?

How we can improve our concentration, learning capacity and memory?
There is no formula of being perfect in the world but all of us can move a step ahead by acquiring knowledge and learning the things in details. Today information is becoming everything.

We have created a database of subjects, objects and topics for detailed analysis

Most of us are being quintessential in their own area of specification. Can we try to learn other subjects also – as we know all subjects are interconnected and this is the need of today generation?

Making right and efficient decision depend on the knowledge you have. Now health, safety and security are in your hand, you know how to solve any particular problems. We can eliminate mistakes and errors from our life. We can expect the future by today’s input. ‘True Learning’ is prepared for everyone who wants to have efficient existence in present environment. Learning is not easy for many of us, it require a lot of patient and interest so we have created the material in easy and simple hierarchical architecture.

We also help people in making money from their businesses, jobs and from their homes. We all want to live free lifestyle in terms of time, money and availability of resources.

We share ideas and knowledge from our history. We encourage people for creating new things and ideas. We encourage to all of us to become creative.

Kids, students, teachers, professionals, programmers, web developer, computer scientist, electronic engineers, astronauts all are welcome to our website for free resource of knowledge.

We have taken our content from authentic sources and tried to make it error free with proper references.

More discussion, more planning, more dreaming but no action give no result, we should start learning like we start watching movies what will happen in next part make us curious to know, if we start ‘True Learning’ it make us inquisitive to know what will happen in the next chapter, next subject, next things, next events etc. We should involve in subject environment and being much practical rather than just reading and over.

Evolution of computer science is the evolution of humanity. We already know what type of job a computer can do.

How much it is interesting to know.

How the computers do this job?

How the computer is designed at first time?

How the software and hardware are related?

How hardware obey our rule?

How we can create a new software and new hardware and embedded them to each other?

How we can improve their performance?

How we can use this in our daily life for being more efficient and more creative?

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

There are so many questions …?

New question discover new solution. Ask many questions on any topics and trying to find the solution . . . . . learning becomes easy when we involve.

We always have solution for a new problem.

Programming and Mathematics is most beautiful subject which increase capability of our mind.

Engineering of things is not difficult, learn how other make, you can make too.

Making money is not difficult if we put our efforts in right direction. Beginning is difficult we fail again and again in this competitive world.

We must analyze the reason behind every attempts of failure. We should not think only money and our profit. Analyze what customers and audience wants, what they think?

Online Businesses

Manufacturing industry and

Launching a new product etc

Require a lot of dedicated work, time and patience. Knowledge, good understanding of subject and interest makes matter in our businesses. Prepare a statistical and architectural model before a successful start.

We can choose subject and business as per our interest. Every field has a lot of opportunity if we take it honestly.

Electronics is everywhere. Combination of biotechnology, Electronics and Internet can do many type of jobs what you can think only in your dream.

Mathematics is the branch of physics which help us to solve the theoretical problems is easy way.  Computer based mathematical technology is expanding in all field from coagulation, simulation, image and video processing, and to real analysis.

Cosmology is the subject of eagerness, everyone want to know much more about the creation of universe, planets, stars, galaxies and our solar system. Perhaps one day we will discover life on other planets.

Promote Knowledge, True Learning, Free Opportunity and Equal Access towards a bright future.

We design educational resources, tools, apps, programs, services, books, videos for ease of learning.

What we have done in past, what will be in future – is not important, don’t think it. Age does not matter; any time we can start from beginning. Our every hour should be productive.

Family, friends and love mates everyone is important, distribute and share your knowledge to everyone whom you are part in. This makes your life feel a great experience.

Health is the biggest problems in the world, without a healthy body we can not use our mind at its full potential. Health should be primary focus on our lives. Letting know about nutrition’s and body make us aware about the harmful things to avoid. Develop a healthy routine, well sleep, good nutrition and exercise should be necessary part of our daily life. ‘True Learning’ is a project towards a future generation. We will have knowledge database of all subjects historicized from the all available resources. Creating new things, making new technologies to reach the full potential of humanity is our ultimate life time goal.

We all are equal in this world. All of us learn same thing when we born. Region, religion, caste, language, poor, rich, small, big, black, white, gender, professions differences, all was the past thing even present today. These differences should be change to equality in all aspects. We need this. There will no crime, no poverty everyone will be safe and living a better life experience than before.

Learning encourages us making new things, new technologies and new ideas.

All of this gives you unlimited type of opportunity to earn enough to survive your life best.

Don’t  waist your time in dreaming and doing nothing, start learning, start creating new things, start earning the much enough, enjoy the engage full time with your family, friends and with world.

All entities of world are our family. But some of the family members are becoming dangerous to their own family and destroying the things we have created. Like terrorist, criminals, rapist etc, why they do this? Because they have not enough knowledge, they don’t understand their own families, they do this because they enjoy it and are creating a bad factor on our society.

We have knowledge, technologies and resources. All of us should make things and new technologies which is able to destroy all the crimes and terrorism from this world.

For every new research we have to take risk. Without risk there is gain. No one can learn all the things at first step. Everyone make mistakes. A mistake is the habit of mind.

There are two type of part in our mind, one conscious and other unconscious. Why we forget? Can we control on forgetting. Every data is recorded in our mind what we read, what we listen and what we learn. Memory efficiency is directly proportional to the work done on mind. Doing work on mind can be in terms of learning and being involved among things.

Why interesting part of subject remains remembered and we forget the part in which we do not take interest. A complex formula require much more work on neurons interconnected through our mind, Very small amount of energy is sufficient to solve complex problem. Divide the complex problems into elements, first step is to solve the elements then interconnect in a efficient way.

In the same way complex formula and technical subject required much more time to learn than to read a story because story has simple language, chronological events occurred while technical subject can be interconnected independently. If our mind have capability to define each term accurately, technical subjects also can become easy to learn and adapt.

Learning and making something awesome is slow process. It can not be achieved in one day, a process requires continuous efforts.

Why we fail even after doing a lot of work? Is hard work is necessary? Here knowledge is important factor. It gives proper resource information and right direction to put our efforts in efficient manner. A lot of work can be done in less time in efficient manner.

What we want – Equal availability of knowledge through each part of the world. All of us want to learn more in less time. All of us want to think in broader way. Our knowledge limits our thought.

Why is here?

Basic understanding of all subjects in details, our thought should not be confined to a little space. Money making ideas. All of us require a health and healthy environment.

What is our primary goal –

Equality of knowledge

Equality of humanity

Removal of poverty and crime

And what we should be –

All of us should be learner

All of us should be teacher

All of us should be creator

Internet is the biggest resource in the world to acquire knowledge and is common place to meet peoples. Now the world is one. Humanity divided the world into many boundaries. We divided us into many parts. We started fight to each other. We made weapons. We constructed the world so beautiful. We also started destructing the beautiful world.

Now we have knowledge of our universe. We know the things. We know how the things are made. We know the matters from which this beautiful world is created. We all are same. We already know, everything is made up from some basic fundamental units.

Means all the basic entity of this universe is same.

Universe is a combination of space, matter and events. <x, y, z, m, t>

What rule exist behind the events and things?

Why and how the events and things are made in this way?

How it became so complex?

Can we exactly or probably study this complexity?

Can we reach highest limit of knowledge?

Matter (Energy) of the universe is constant!

Hubble Rule –Space is increasing with time.

Every second’s complexity of these three elements <space, matter, time> are increasing, we can not predict the future exactly.

Is that day will come when people can make any thing just by their thought?

(Thought signal is integrated to the Theory of Everything –complex rules, equations, formula, algorithm, mechanism)

Is it possible to live after death? (Sorry we don’t know the formula yet) …

There are many questions undiscovered. So we have lot of jobs…

Jobs will never end. But money will matter less than it is today.

Thinking is easy, Dreaming is easy, Implementing is difficult but free availability of time, resources and interest in learning can make anything possible.

Less no. of people require a lot of time for a new progress.

A lot no. of people require less time for a new progress.

If all the people of world become creative, we will take very less time for a new progress.

Universe is created according to rules; rules are observed by the humanity and humanity expressed the rules in its own language.

No rule is precise, some uncertainly always remain exist.

One rule can be different in different domains. Physics changes for very large things like stars, and for very tiny particles like electrons.

Same rule can be complex enough under a certain conditions.

We can overcome to the problems of complexity. Studying the complexity into simple steps make our solutions more precise and accurate.

Self development is necessary. It makes your life full of enlightens and gives the reason to behave well with the others.

Train your mind to become more concentrate. Concentration increases efficiency of learning and gives some control over events and things.

We focus only on deep and detailed learning of subject. No secrets remain behind.

We can not learn all things because we have not trained our mind in such a way from our childhood. But basic (deep and detailed) understanding of all subject is necessary.

After going this training, study well the topics of your interest and make something awesome.

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